Monday, December 07, 2009

Christmas Savings for Ultimate Players

Don't think that I'm back in Ulti blogland, and thanks for all the emails to egg me on to get back into writing here.

This post is a quick Christmas gift for all Ultimate players, and the name of this game is "Bing" (though only for shopping). This morning I was running through my reading as usual and I hit this article about shopping online and getting cash back for purchases. If you're not familiar with "cash back", the basic premise is that you get a certain percentage of what you spend credited back to you. It's the same as a sale, but the middle man is giving you the cash back instead of the front man.

Anyway, I signed up to see how good the deals were on Bing's cash back. The good news for Ultimate players is that "Eastbay" offers 25% cash back. There's lots of other stores, but a nice deal on cleats is worth it.

Hope everyone is doing well, and I enjoyed watching the UPA run this year. I'll, likely, be at College finals this year if it's in Columbus, and I might come out of the woodwork for some coverage then.

Happy holidays