Thursday, July 20, 2006

There's Got to be a Beginning

Well folks, this is where it all starts. I thought I'd add my contribution to the Ultimate world which I know and love.

First the details. I'm a Toronto Ultimate player. I've played TUC with various league teams, and I've toured since 2000 with a number of teams. Currently, I co-captain/play for BMF (co-ed), co-captain/play for Grand Trunk (open), and captain University of Toronto's Torontula (open). I've been to 90+ tournaments and hope to hit the century soon.

Second, what is this blog is about? Well, I hate to corner my topics, so in general this is an Ultimate blog. The focus, however, is in what I consider one of my strengths - coaching. Coaching, fortunately, includes a huge array of subjects, and in a relatively young sport like ultimate there is a huge element of philosophical coaching (the idea that there isn't a right answer). Also, coaching like playing is a learning process.

My goal is to publish something on a weekly basis; at the start I hope to post bi-weekly.

Finally, warnings. My writing skills are mediocre (hopefully I'll find a spell checker). My humour is spectacular. My wit is biting.

This should be fun...