Wednesday, April 15, 2009

VCs Latest Jersey Material

I'm in Toronto for a few days (Picton for Easter) and Lexi collected the VC order for the logo winner. These Friars jerseys are pretty simple desgin. Black material and white screens for the logo and some writing on the back. I'll take some pictures in a few days once I'm back in London with my camera.

The jerseys are made with VC's new dry fit material. I've always liked their material in the past, but this new material is evven better (so far). It's similar to the Patagonia basic material. It's survived one night of partying and still feels great. That's a good sign for a jersey.

The real test will be the wash and an analysis of how the material keeps body odor. My red eye flight back to London should be a good test of the material, and I'll do a wash once I arrive back in the UK. I'll report my findings with pictures of the jersey in a week or so.



jaleel said...

got my hands on one about a month ago.. they are fantastic

honeyhands said...

body odour test: definitely not improved. definitely stinks way worse than cotton after a day at work (not exercising or sweating a lot).

Maybe we need a second wicking layer on wicking fabrics that wicks away the smelly bits of the sweat pulled off the skin. Some sort of Fabreeze-bonding process.