Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Video Games - more reasons

I push the use of video games for all sorts of reasons. Just to review some of my reasons why video games are great for sports:

  • Great for practicing decision making
  • Low impact and never get tired (maybe your thumbs)
  • Practice teamwork
  • Visual space practice
  • Improves reaction time
My latest idea is that the game Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) is a great agility and footwork trainer that is more fun than most agility training.

For those of you who aren't in the know, DDR is a rhythm matching game where you dance to the beat (by pressing on squares on the dance pad) at a specified rate and sequence. The game is fun and challenging with a variety of different modes and music for all levels and tastes.

It turns out that DDR is very similar to ladder agility drills except that you're not moving forward. In addition, DDR requires both memorization and reaction, which are both simple skills to practice. In other words, you've got a home training system that disguises itself as a game.

I, personally, haven't had my pads out for a while. This is, mainly, due to how loud it is on a second floor living room with wooden floors. Some day I'll have my pads back out, and I'll be following the paths of the many who use DDR as an exercise program. Consider this as another training option as silly as it sounds.



Graeme said...

Hey Pete - just discovered your blog. This is great! Very thoughtful and informative. Keep up the good work! If you're headed to the UK in the new year, let me know and we'll split a case of beer on a train to Paganello.