Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The ?New? Layout

I have no fear of laying out, but for me, the layout usually hurts. I've asked goalies how they learn to make those high layouts, and so far I haven't gotten any good tips from them.

RSD has an old thread about the topic:

Maybe the martial artists are the guys to talk to. This dive roll has potential, but you have to imagine potentially catching the disc too.



Sticks said...

It's quite a different reaction when you dive for those high shots. For the most part you're trying to knock the shots away rather than trying to catch them, so once you hit the ball away you generally have time to get an arm underneath you to soften the impact. The ultimate layout is different because
1) you have to catch and hold on to the disc
2) you're usually running at a full sprint
3) you're often going superman style (chest down) rather than sideways.

If anything, the goalie dive is more like the small layouts that handlers have to get used to rather than the full out horizontal layouts of cutters.

dusty.rhodes said...

high-level competitive volleyball (beach and court) is perfect.

Usually, it is all quick-reaction type stuff, but you've got to go ho and sometimes go ho HIGH to keep the ball alive. And you've got to manage to land without killing yourself. Especially true indoors.

If you can do that on a volleyball court, grass will never be a problem. If you've got a great volleyball coach, you're set. If not? It'll hurt, but you'll learn.

H2AZ said...

You didn't say what part of you usually gets hurt when you lay out... Is it your shoulder? Or your hips/back/knees? Or your head? These seem to be the most common points of contact.

I use a roll in my layouts, and it has improved my overall safety, but it is hard to execute in offensive layouts because of the whole catching thing. Oddly I find that the less defensive I get (i.e. I don't brace my fall at all), the less I have gotten injured.

The best part of the roll is that you are on your feet ready to play immediately which has obvious benefits regardless of whether your layout was offensive or defensive.

higy said...

I've always found high layouts to be less dangerous..(well to myself). They usually have more forward velocity and I have more time to get in a good landing position before impact.

The layouts I hurt myself on are the too-far-to-reach but too-close-to-layout discs. I usually go down in some awkward slide/crash/fall depending on where the disc is leading to banged knees/elbows.

JBishop said...

gc from invictus is known for this type of layout. he has a volleyball background and seems to do this without any effort or concern for his actually looks fairly smooth when he does it...