Thursday, October 18, 2007

G7's masterpiece

On Torontula, we have G7, which stands for the group of seven. These are the seven bottom guys on the team roster, and our goal is to get them out on the field in as many situations as possible so they can work on their games without relying on veterans to control the game flow. Also, our team gets huge benefits for resting our upper half.

Pictured Above: Some of the finals action at CUUC'07 (photo courtesy of Kirsten Taylor).

G7 stands for "The Group of Seven", which links back to a famous group of Canadian artists in the 1920's.

G7 this year was the best G7 Torontula has had in a long time. For example, last year it took one tournament and a half (Easterns and Nationals) before G7 started to click and score as a line. This year, G7 went on a scoring streak from the start of Easterns until a few games into the tournament. Our talk on the sideline was questioning if our team was better than last years, and we always concluded that G7 was definitely better, which meant we were probably better.

Another aspect of G7 is these guys take the roll as an important opportunity to get better. They understand that G7 is a place where arguably the most growth will happen. It's the same as opportunities like captaining a B-team or even being shipped to the B-team for more opportunity as a lead player instead of a low bench player on a top end team.

Unfortunately, in the finals, we were 1 point away from putting G7 onto the field, but UBC made a run at just the right moment. It was still a pleasure to watch G7 perform at the best I've seen them perform all year. They're also the reason we were so well rested for the playoffs.



familyoffriends said...

nbt here:

I could sense we were so close to being put on in the finals, but alas it was still a weekend for the ages. Either way, this weekend has made me seriously consider going straight to a PHD...

thanks again for everything p

oliver said...

Is that Tolya laying out to make a throw?