Thursday, October 11, 2007

Poll Thursday - Water bottle choice

I use a Nalgene on the sideline like the vast majority of Ultimate players. This weekend, one of my ride companions, Pam, was commenting that she couldn't bring her glass water bottle onto the polo fields for the safety of the horses.

News stories have warned of the danger of plastics as they release chemicals into the water. Glass and aluminum seem to be safer options.

Just a simple poll this week. What is your favourite type of water bottle? Poll is to the right.



funkywalker said...

As far as I've heard, listening to CBC etc., it's the "old" soft opaque Nalgene bottles that are good, and it's the new hard plastic clear or coloured ones that pose a problem. I think it's #2, #4, and #5 plastics that are the best choices. Just look on the bottom of the container and the number is in the recycling symbol.

shawn said...

Pete, can you add stainless steel to you options?