Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dust settles on the latest series

Well, Wisconsin takes it all in the Open division and UBC takes it all in the Women's. Congratulations to both teams.

Pictured Above: The first Torontula team we took to Sectionals and the first time Torontula ever got disqualified from the series. Can you pick out the illegal player?

Many lost faith with Wisconsin when they didn't maintain a perfect season. Just like Coach Byron Scott said after the Hornets lost yesterday in game 7:
You have to go through some things before you can really understand how good it's going to feel when you get to that next level. You don't go from not making the playoffs to winning a championship. It just doesn't work that way. ... We're headed in the right direction.
Maybe Wisconsin had the benefit of these losses, and doubters and challenges early in the season helped the team find their weaknesses (as opposed to Florida's run to the finals).

The same is true for UBC ladies. In general, the BC ladies are looking like the new Furious of the west. They take UPA College Champions 2008. They're representing Canada after taking Canadian Nationals 2007. They are the current Canadian University champions in 2007. They're just missing a trip to UPA Club Championships coming out of a very strong region (arguably the strongest).

My bracket picks put me at about rank 266nd (50 points) in the Open with some major point losses in the pre-quarter picks and the semis. In the Women's, I placed 51st (57 points) with another bad set of picks for the pre-quarters and the semis. There were less entries in the Women's division, which explains my better finish, but hopefully, next year I'll find this bracket earlier and advertise ahead of time to increase the number of entries. Then we can all really get into the competition. If anyone has a contact for whomever built the bracket system, I would like to get in contact with them.

Well, I enjoyed another internet only view of the college series. I'm sure the DVDs will start popping out after the fact, but I don't plan on watching any. Sports entertainment is mainly about not knowing the ending. Fans watch endless bad games in hopes that those few gems and historic battles we catch will give us an adrenaline rush. Otherwise, post viewing is for documentaries that tell a good story, or a chance for participants to see themselves on film. It's time to go live! Score reporter is somewhat live, so how hard is it to broadcast live. More innovation...



tingle said...

maybe i should play this fantasy/bracket business more often

scoops said...

i admit i am too lazy to check the score reporter (can we just start calling it the scoreporter?), but are you saying that the ubc college women's team went to upa northwest club regionals last fall and almost qualified for sarasota? or are you referring to traffic, the vancouver club team? i have seen both teams play over the past year and their rosters are definitely not interchangeable, especially with respect to upa college eligibility rules...

Patrick Mooney said...

he means traffic