Friday, May 23, 2008

Link Friday - The end, the old, the test, and da Vinci

This Friday's crop of favourite links are:

  • Match Diesel completes his coverage on the UPA College series. I would like to thank him for his in depth coverage of the series to the likes we haven't seen in some time.
  • Alex de Frondeville gives us a perspective on College past and now. I find historical discussions very interesting for a sport that has an oral tradition.
  • An impressive talk by Malcolm Gladwell on the mismatch between hiring people. The most interesting part is the initial part where he examines sport combines and there correlation to being a good for picking pro-players. This relates to some of my earlier articles on testing.
  • This is a great little post on how to think like da Vinci. This type of thinking will help you evaluate your ultimate game among other things in your life.