Thursday, February 19, 2009

Poll Thursday - Logo nogo, onto the College season

In the end:

  • UNT takes the college division. Either one or more supporters were willing to click and click again for the victory. That's commitment.
  • Blackfish edges out Monster in the open category.
  • Guillermo Y Compania takes the UPA championship category. If anyone has some pictures of the logo on their jersey, I would be interested in seeing it.
That being said, all of these logos on Jerseys would be interesting. My personal favourite (after my old favourite Sub Zero logo) is El Diablo's, and I'm glad they took the best of the rest round.

Sometime in the future I'll have a contest between these 3 finalists, but back to my standard poll questions: When do you think is reasonable time to run the next logo battle (poll right).



del said...

that site has a ton of pictures on it