Thursday, March 26, 2009

Poll Thursday - Jersey company and messed up an order

I really blew last weeks Poll Thursday. I didn't get the post out until yesterday. Anyway, the results are suspicious in the end, but Spin Ultimate gets the publicity with some repeated clicks in the poll (1500% increase visits from Atlanta yesterday). Not a big deal since I have no problem advertising for the Ultimate community. When, however, will I get that exclusive advertising deal?

Until that day, we continue with a topic that I've heard from a range of people, "_____ messed up our jersey order". Now, before I pose the poll questions, we should all understand that filling a jersey order from groups like ourselves is difficult. From the Jersey companies side, we the customers are sketchy on filling out forms correctly, responding in a fast manner, and flip-flopping on decisions...among other factors. Still, the order success is probably the number one factor on teams swapping companies.

So, there are two polls this week. The top poll is for a successful filling of an order (with minor problems) for each jersey company you've used, and the bottom poll is for unsuccessful orders. The definition of successful and unsuccessful is left to you the customer (Polls right).



bacon said...

This is a poor way to display this data.
There should be separate polls for each company and people can vote if they have had success with this company or not.

Seeing the percentage of people who have had success at one place compared to the total number who have had success is a statistically irrelevant number.

The Pulse said...

Well, I've had both successes and failures with VC, so just a yes/no for each company isn't the right way to go either.

Jeters said...

All my polls are statistically irrelevant. It would take to long to make a poll for each company, and I just want a general feel.

I agree with the Pulse, it's not a black and white issue, but having a poll like this may indicate to the companies how important order accuracy is.


Paul P said...

Remember Gaia? Whatever happened to them...?