Thursday, March 12, 2009

Poll Thursday - Women's College Predictions

Last week 40% of you thought that Carleton will be the champions this year. To be honest, that was not what I expected, but in itself, this result gets me excited.

As for this week what are your prediction for top women's college team (poll right).



Stephen Hubbard said...

Even with CUT's loss in Ripon to Florida, I wonder if voters' perception of CUT playing "better" ultimate than Florida influences CUT's poll dominance. Or maybe its that no one likes Florida so its hard to vote for them even with 2 tourney wins.

While I am not a massive fan of Florida, I have to give them credit for playing solid ultimate in the finals. It seemed that each player (even if that was only 9 total) contributed on D and O. To say that the team is only Brodie is a mistake.

Miranda Roth said...

Why isn't Washington in the women's poll? Seems like they would at least get a few votes after their performance last year and at early season tournaments...