Wednesday, September 22, 2010

More sticks, less carrots or is it the other way

I had the chance to read Daniel Pink's "Drive" over the summer, and I thought the ideas were great. I've applied them as much as I can in my classes, and if I were coaching I would be analyzing the concepts in the same way. It's just difficult to imagine how to create intrinsic motivation for others even with the quality of the book.

Now, "Carrots and Sticks - Unlock the Power of Incentives to Get Things Done" by Ian Ayres has just been released, and my interest is peeked again. The reviews suggest that this is book two of the sequence in that it explains how to setup incentives. Maybe it will help further my skills in creating intrinsic motivation.

Nicely, this fits with my pushup routine. As I'm working to a lighter weight class (back to middleweight instead of light heavyweight), I've thought about using sticks/carrots along the lines of: In the end, I'll probably make a deal with Lexi.