Thursday, November 04, 2010

Fish Fun - Population Simulation for Fun and Profit

Recently, a friend of mine introduced me to the Processing language, and being a computer engineer I felt I had to explore more (or at least do something I was interested in as opposed to what I probably should be doing). Processing is a language built for artists so that they can learn programming without all the heavy details a language might force you to learn.

Pictured Above: A screen shot of one of the simulations.

The project, so far, is a success. I built a bunch of fish (virtual) and let them breed, die, and eat each other. This was inspired by a screensaver I saw when I was contracted out to Nortel in 1997. I watched this screensaver for well over 8 hours, and during this time I was hoping, predicting, and rooting for fish colors to destroy or be consumed by other populations.

I present the same joy to you. Suggestions welcome...

Warning, this simulation can take over your processor. Also, I've only tested it in Chrome and Firefox on PCs.