Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Living the Game on Stress

Hey Folks,

When I captain a team I usually have what I would call a trust. This is the group of people that you regularly talk to, to get a feel for how the team is doing.

One of my trusts, Inian Moorthy, came up to me during the Eastern University championships in Canada last year and said the team needed to relax after a tough semifinals. It made sense to me since we just had a tough game against Guelph that included some hail.

Pictured Above: Sub Zero vs BOUHSEARS in a battle for the disc. Not to get in on the numbering shorts discussion, but I have no clue who these players are. Photo from James McKenzie.

In these time of stress, you obviously need stress relief, but we did need to play a game in less than thirty minutes, so we chose to have a fun game of a drill that I modified from basketball - three-on-three continuous. The best part of this drill/game is that instead of competing with opponents we had the opportunity to play against each other in a low stress game with lots of trash-talk and the like.

Our next game was a success, but regardless of the outcome, the key move was to reground the team. The stress relief reminded us that ultimate is fun, but we kept moving and focused on ultimate.



Anonymous said...

That's Randy Gage of Sub Zero

Anonymous said...

can you share your de-stressing drill?

Schmelz said...

1) The other team in the photo is the BOUHSEARS, not Buzz Bullets.

2) While SZ didn't have numbers on the shorts, the BOUHSEARS did but his left leg is obstructed in that frame.