Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Logo Battle - 16 start next week - Procedure?

Hey folks,

In the last round:

  • A tie ... what the heck do we do with that ...
  • Monster eliminates BEAT (53% to 47%)
As of Thursday this week, we'll be down to the final 16 logos.

I've been thinking about how to do the next few rounds of voting. I'm not exactly thrilled with the dpoll voting system, so what I think I will do is request you all to register to vote, and then build some sort of system to count the votes. I know, this all sounds complicated and time consuming, but I think it is the best way to proceed.

Pictured Above: What looks to be a nice layout. Courtesy of James McKenzie at Massive Image Works.

Since we have a few days before the next round I'm open to suggestions.

The systems I'm imagining are:
  • A system where I make an e-mail account at yahoo and allow people to vote with an e-mail.
  • A system where people apply for a vote, I e-mail a voting number, and then some online system accepts these votes for each competition.
  • An automated system that receives vote applications and assigns unique numbers to the voters that they then can use for their vote in each battle.
Along with registered voters, I'll probably keep the dpoll votes cause they look cool (that or automatically update the results somehow). This all sounds complicated. Do I need an auditor? Also, should we allow new registered voters after a certain period? What will be the fairest system?

Suggestions welcome, or should we stay with the who can click the most approach similar to American Idol, and why aren't I charging per vote.



Druski said...

Well, clearly you need some convoluted tie-breaking procedures for exactly this type of situation. For example:

1. In the event of a tie, the winner will be the team with the highest point differential (i.e. margin of victory) including all previous rounds.

2. If it is still tied, the winner will be the one with most points scored (votes for) including all previous rounds.

3. In the event that it is still tied, the winner will be determined by a disc flip.

And if there are any concerns about fairness of a disc flip (as in a previous post of yours), there are methods to get over this (see Jim Parinella's response to said post).

Anonymous said...

Suggestion - continue using dpoll, but only have the poll open for one day. Announce the poll in advance of the day (ie. on Tuesday announce "poll open thursday...").

As for tiebreaker - Slow White moves on... see round 1 voting.

Jeters said...

I like the poll open for one day solution.

What about letting both logos through and having a 3 way competition?


higy said...

Not sure if I like a 3 way-it's unfair to the 3rd team who would have only had to go up against 1 other team if there wasn't a tie...

Anonymous said...

aren't you just doing this for the sake of having something to post on your blog? i mean it's not like these teams win anything for having the coolest logo - it's just something informal to pass the time. i don't see the need for putting a lot of extra work in to something that really doesn't mean jack in the grand scheme of all things frisbee (even if your straw poll results are skewed). but seriously, another account login is definitely what the people need more of. er, not.
logo battles - sell.

Jeters said...

To higy...point taken. Do you have any suggestions? Maybe a filmed flip? I'm leaning towards Slow White progressing based on druski's comment.

As for looking to post something on my blog, of course I am (I try to keep it within reason).

I do, however, feel that I should try to have as fair a straw poll as possible. Those of us who are interested (regardless of prizes) would like to see a fair as possible result, and it's something of Ultimate interest in the off-season for us addicts. Of course, another internet account and potential spam portal is concerning.

So, I think the suggestion for a one day announced poll is fair compromise.


Tom said...

dpoll does not seem to work for users of some browsers, so I definitely like the idea of ditching it.

Jeters said...

What are you using Tom? Lynx? Netscape? Opera?


Tom said...

Anything using the KHTML rendering engine (Konqueror, OmniWeb, Safari, etc.) seems to turd it up... it seems to be some sort of weird caching-related effect, in that the polls work the first time, but on returning later to a changed blog, the old polls will overlap over the new ones. It is quite strange.