Friday, February 02, 2007

The Family Grows

So, the ultimate blogging family grew a bit more with the inclusion of Mortakai's Mumblings rule discussions. Personally, I think it is great to see another aspect of ultimate is discussed with some regularity.

I've heard all sorts of comments, both good and bad, about Ultimate blogs, probably, because I'm in the thick of things along with a few others. I can't see a disadvantage with an Ultimate blog or blogs in general. It's like having a source to a very specific topic you're interested in, and yet, if you're not interested in the topic you don't have to go. It's not like it got included in your local newspaper and you had to pass over the article even after carrying a significantly heavier newspaper due to the article.

Sure there are concerns with the accuracy of content. You're not reading a newspaper article that was heavily researched and all the facts were checked. The blog, for the most part, is an editorial. This blog, in particular, is to express opinions (both good and bad). And maybe the writing is poor (the author invents new, ways to use a comma), or the article's title was misleading and you wasted some time (I love making obscure titles). Still having a source on a topic you are interested in is great.

So, let's welcome, Mortakai, to the small Ultimate blogsphere. If things workout then we will have some interesting discussions on rules, and maybe even a searchable FAQ that can be used by the rest of us. I know that many ultimate BBS' have threads dedicated to rules, and RSD has had rule discussions in the past, but both these formats are unreasonable to search for specific details. A rule blog, or something similar, will hopefully fill that niche.