Friday, March 02, 2007

Drill - 3on3 Continuous

Hey Folks,

I'll describe the drill I mentioned in my last post for those of you who asked. This drill was modified from a common basketball drill. It is good for working on a teams small and consistent game. It's good for endurance, and it's lots of fun.

Pictured Above: Some diagrams of the drill 3 on 3 continuous.

Here's the steps:
  1. Setup a small field with endzones. We've played on volleyball courts and tennis courts with endzones as small as 1 foot. Add something to mark the middle of the field.
  2. Start with 3 people on one side with the disc (offense) and 2 defenders on the other. One chase is ready at half (Figure (a)).
  3. The offense moves the disc trying to score on the defense. When the disc crosses half -or- the disc is held by an offensive for more than one stall, the chase runs to the middle of the field, touches the center point, and becomes the third defender (Figure (b)).
  4. Normal ultimate play continues until there is a score or turnover.
  5. Meanwhile 2 off-field players move onto the field to be ready as the next two defenders (Figure (c)).
  6. If the offense scores, they stay on offense and attack in the other direction. If the defense gets a turn then they become the offense. In either case, the offense now proceeds in the opposite direction against the two new defenders and a new chase (Figure (d) - assumption that O scored and old D leave the field).
  7. Goto 3.
Rules that we tend to use:
  1. 5 stalls
  2. Defense can't cross the middle line until the chase has entered play
  3. No over and back
  4. Chase has to touch the center
  5. Normal ultimate rules
Some other notes:
  1. When we want to have a winner we say that the first person to score ten points. This means that a player is on offense for ten non-consecutive points.
  2. It's good to run this for a while, and then talk about strategies to make the drill more offensively structured.
  3. The D needs to call stuff on the fly. Try to call a force. Also, the two people on first line defense should pickup players without the disc.