Thursday, March 29, 2007

Poll Thursday - The Pattern or The Colour

Last week was an active poll.

  • 59% of you think that Ultimate is a good name for the sport
The discussion was interesting with both sides of the fence weighing in their opinion.

This week I've been thinking about cleats mainly because we're hoping to hit an outlet store on our next tournament trip. Cleats, other than a disc, are the main piece of equipment that we need to play Ultimate. For this reason, many of us are interested in cleats, cleat patterns, cleat colors, cleat material, and cleat price.

Todays first poll is "what is your favourite type of cleat?". Now I can't cover all the cleat companies and styles, so I'll just choose a few of the most popular types of cleats. After making the poll I realized even that is hard (Note that other is included on the scroll down). Feel free to add your suggestion for cleat types in the comments.

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The second poll is what aspect of the cleat is most important to you (Choices include: Comfort, Cleat Pattern, Material, Cost, Longevity, Don't Care).

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Tom said...

One thing that wasn't in the poll that a lot of people really care about is weight. For me, one of the most important things is flexibility. I've had a lot of trouble with fit and comfort, though, so that's always my first priority. Every cleat I've worn has caused pain in different places, so it's just a matter of prioritizing.

dusty.rhodes said...

How is this a poll about cleats without the ability to select "traction" as the most important aspect?

Taylor said...

I'm pretty sure that cleat pattern will determine your traction (flexibility will also impact, but to a much lesser degree).

higy said...

Where is this outlet mall you talk about? Western is heading to the same tourney I believe.

Anonymous said...

I have very wide feet and I can only fit in the widest sizes carried by New Balance. Once I decided that I didn't want to hurt my feet and didn't want cleats that were a centimetre too long, I was left with one choice: the only New Balance soccer cleat, in size 11 4E, which stores don't every carry. You have to request it, and they ship one in from the wearhouse.

If anyone knows of any other wide cleats, I'd love to have more than one option.


Taylor said...

Oliver, I've heard that the red Gaias are quite wide (Rich also shares your complaints, and he wears them).

Higy, here's the best I can do:

dusty.rhodes said...

Gaia are narrow like Nikes.

Still New Balance, but a buttload more selection. Also check out for more wide shoes.

As for cleat traction, the pattern alone does not determine traction. The material, length and pattern of the cleat determine traction in conjuction with the type of ground as well as the weight and movement pattern of the player. Saying that the round cleats or the blade cleats provide better traction is inaccurate.