Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I miss my College Ulti...

Last year was when I found College Ulti. I put the link in, but it currently isn't up. You can look at the Women's version at their equivalent site IC Ultimate (it's up this year).

Pictured Above: Terminus 2007 Pittsburgh vs. Wisconsin Whitewater (courtesy of Michael Smith)

It all started when the University of Toronto decided to join the UPA college series, and I went off looking to see who was good and what the scene was like. College Ulti was more than I could imagine. There on the website was colourful shots of ultimate players all around the page with a top 25 ranking and a corner dedicated to stories on each of the regions. Wow - after being part of a club series for two years at this point, we never had any coverage other than maybe a discussion on RSD.

And now there not here this year, and I've got to go to RSD and read about disjointed results and perspective from college tournament attendees to get my Ultimate fix and read on the Great Lakes division. I understand that sites like College Ulti and IC Ultimate are lots of work by, most likely, very few people. Just so you know, your effort is enjoyed by if not many, at least one.

Pictured Above: I love the old school Pittsburgh Pirates ball cap. Terminus 2007 Pittsburgh vs. Wisconsin [semis] (courtesy of Michael Smith)

It's time the club series takes a few of the great things about the college series. I think the club series needs to bring in some of the following ideas into the series:
  • Big tournaments (one per month) that we (the fans) all care about like the Emerald City Classic.
  • An e-zine that regularly has stories and coverage of tournaments like IC Ultimate and College Ulti. This would be a great place for fantasy ultimate to live (see my last post).
  • A big award that brings someone fame - like the Callahan award.
  • More passion from the players who want to talk about the series.
The same is true for high school, but they already have a reasonably good blog, and they are doing much better than the club series. Maybe by the time we all get to clubs too many of us have lost the passion to make things happen, but we will complain that the sport is not taken seriously ;)



Handy said...

This is the basically the first blog that you've posted that I have agreed with, but I totally agree.


Anonymous said...

i posted to rsd a few years back asking why there was no club callahan award or finals mvp award. there was only one response and it was along the lines of 'because nobody cares'.

i think the fact of the matter is that only a very small percentage of players are good enough to play at the very highest club level (consistantly in semi's and finals). everyone else is left to play for whatever reason they choose to play. so the vast majority of ultimate players play just to have fun/hang out with friends/they like the game/exercise, and they really just don't care about what the top level teams are doing. I know many casual club/co-ed players in my area, and it's safe to say that almost all of them have no idea what goes on in elite club ultimate, nor do they really care to find out.

i think your points are great, and i'm not trying to shoot them down, i've just had similar thoughts in the past and wanted to post why i thought these things never happened.

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