Thursday, November 01, 2007

Day 4 and beyond

Day 4 started late due to the previous night's party. I continuously moved from the Daiquiri Deck to the two dance floors at Gilligan's. The night ended in the hot tub, 6 new pillows, and a final visit from security.

We missed the ladies finals, and came in a few points into the Open finals missing one of the highlight reel plays (double layout to a strip to a point). With friends, beer, and a good match up, I enjoyed the Bravo vs. Sockeye match up. Both teams played interesting ultimate in relatively windy conditions, and I feel the wind made the game very interesting for both sides. The wind, likely, increased the number of errors we saw, but the crowd didn't really seem to be into the game until closer to the end. This might be due to the places we all came from and the lack of true support for either team. Maybe we should open up the betting gates to improve the commitment of the fans to the final.

We moved from the far end-zone to the end-zone close to disc central for the mixed finals. A shellacking ensued in which Slow White just couldn't get any momentum in the still strong wind. There were some nice layouts, but overall I was disappointed in the game's excitement level, but Shazam clearly ruled the day. Fortunately, I had our camera, and that kept me interested. I also bought a Johny Bravo long sleeve jersey and searched for Sub Zero, Chewbacca Defense, and Ring of Fire guys to trade for one of my Goat jersey's with (if still interested, contact me).

For two more days we continued to party it up in Florida with Scott from Shazam (who drove us to the Deck on a random hitchhike), Karl from Van Buren Boys (I think we owe him 2 cases of beer), some Jam guys, Rhino guys, non-ulti ladies from Michigan, amazing waves on a nearby beach, and Karl and Don (local dart players). In all, a great time, but happy to be back home.

For my first UPA championships, I learned and experienced plenty of Ultimate. The nice thing to know is even at the top the game their are many great people who just love the game.