Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Is there a Jersey Stigma?

One of the strange things about Ultimate is how we treat wearing other team's jerseys. This isn't a universal stigma, but I've ran into many people who have made the statement, "I would never wear a jersey for a team I haven't played on".

Pictured Above: A Sockeye and Johny Bravo scrum at UPA Championships 07 (Photo Courtesy of Inian Moorthy)

I have made that same statement. Recently, some of my friends and I have re-qualified our not wearing another teams jersey by stating that, "we won't wear a jersey for a team that we don't think we could make". This statement, like the last, is really no different.

If you thought of pro sports, I'm pretty sure you'll never see Crosby wear a Ottawa Senators jersey or P. Manning wear a 49ers jersey, but these guys are more like property of a franchise. At the next level down, it's likely that college players and high school players will wear all sorts of jerseys.

My latest stand on the situation is that Ultimate jerseys from other teams should be worn in any situation you want. In promoting the sport, it is more important that we wear our sports advertisements (the jerseys) in all sorts of situations. For me, however, I draw the line at wearing my traded or bought jerseys during tournament play, but otherwise, I'm all for wearing Ultimate jerseys that I like. Next, we need to have more trading opportunities.