Monday, February 25, 2008

The hand warmer - neat little package

As the spring season seems to be moving into full swing, you might find yourself playing in very cold weather (depending on your location in the world). Even last week, I was playing in a game or two in London where by the end I was having trouble closing my hand on the disk because of the cold. Personally, I'm not a glove guy (although I'll consider wearing a glove on my non throwing hand).

Pictured Above: some action at Snowplate 2002.

A solution: this Christmas I got an interesting little gift from my stocking - reusable hot packs. They come in many forms, but essentially you have a pack of fluid with a metal disc inside. You snap the disc causing a reaction and the liquid quickly turns to a solid generating lots of heat (it gets hot). This lasts for about 10 to 15 minutes, and you need to recharge the pack by putting it in boiling water until the solid completely turns back into a liquid.

It's a simple solution to give your hands a quick heat boost. It's somewhat environmentally friendly since you don't throw it away, but you are paying an energy cost to recharge the pack.

If you're interested in how the pack works, take a look at this blog. This is at least an introduction to the sodium acetate solution and how it works.



shubbard said...

Ive been using these for a couple of months and really like them. If only they lasted longer.

I got 12 real cheap at
so that on a cold night my hands are fine.

Then again, I'm in San Diego, so cold for me would be great for you.

-Stephen Hubbard
Air Squids