Thursday, February 21, 2008

Poll Thursday - Am I old?

I'm 31 going on 32 in November. My 2008 Ultimate season started last Saturday and Monday joining two Open practices in London (one University and one Open). This is actually a little early for me to be playing, and normally, I would be spending February, March and April ramping up for the season by lifting waits and getting some plyo work in. I guess things happen a little earlier here, so I'll have to adjust fast.

In other words, I'm not in shape. The change of location has thrown off my phased based workouts significantly, and I'm trying to determine the safest training plan to get in shape without getting injured. My biggest concern is my achilles acting up again, but already I have a cold after not having a cold for almost 2 years.

The funny thing is I look at other similar sports (lets say both UK and US football and basketball) the age of 31 is not the dominant age in terms of numbers of athletes, but there are still lots of them still playing. In many ways, the slight decrease in your physical skills is greatly compensated by your experience in sport.

The real thing I've noticed is that pushing yourself to stay in top shape is harder. I know that I'll be in pain after a tough workout, and that pain will last longer than it did in my twenties. I know the risk of injury is greater and the recovery will take longer. The question then is how do you motivate yourself to push on.

At UCPC, Dr. Goldberg made it very clear that you need to have a goal, and if you don't have a clear goal that motivates you to play the sport then you, likely, won't get better. Right now I'm searching for that goal. I would be interested in hearing other people's drives. I've made some suggestions to the right in the poll.



Paul P said...

What is the diference between "Love the game" and "Addicted"?

Taylor said...

if you don't know you're not addicted. yet.

honeyhands said...

you might be addicted; you don't really know until you try to stop :P

Bill Mill said...

My motivation for the last two seasons is a single play.

At regionals, in the game to go to the qualifying-for-nationals round 2 years ago, we needed to win by more than 4 against HOV. We were up 3 at the end of the game, I was tired, and I didn't lay out for a bid I could have had.

I was tired.

They scored the point.

(And I love the game, and I'm addicted, and I love the glory, and I love my teammates. But that bid!)

James said...

You're in a new place and searching for frisbee motivation? What better than to assert yourself on your new team? PLUS you have the rare opportunity to redefine your game; no one knows you or your style.

Sport Management Steven said...


We only know one another as opponents, but from reading your blog I can fathom a guess as to why you're finding it hard to work hard for ultimate

-You reached a personal accomplishment of playing with GOAT and going on a huge UPA run
-You're leaving Torontula in the middle of two straight national titles

Based on the relocation, the realization of huge goals, and the letdown of what you're playing now as opposed to what you saw in the fall, it might be a mental block more than age.

Find a new carrot to chase.

Jeters said...

Good points all round. I think Steve is pretty close to the mark in that I don't have a good drive right now.