Wednesday, February 27, 2008

More College News - MSSUI

If it wasn't for Match (sorry to hear about your grand father), I would know nothing about college Ultimate this year other than following the scores on the RRI, catching banter on RSD, and hearing progression from my alumni school.

In the U.K. this weekend marks the college regionals. Hopefully, I'll be heading to the tournament in an assistant role for Imperial College's team. It will be interesting to see the contrast between the North American and UK college teams. I'll discuss this next week.

Today I caught a passing thread on RSD about another website (MSSUI) that seems to be running articles on the college scene. From what I can tell, this site was started with some marketing at Trouble in Vegas. I couldn't find out what the name means or who's behind the publication, so any info would be interesting.

I read the article "Dealing with the Devil", and found it a good read. Sure it wasn't related to the college activity, but it was well written and an interesting take on vendors within Ultimate.

All I can say is I'm glad for the additional college coverage.



Handy said...

Mssui has a lot of random contributors and humorously enough you haven't expanded your authors... Match wrote the article in question on the Mssui site.

The Seattle guys I think are the source of this one, Skip is a solid web guy from what I gather which is why he/CUltimate are involved.

I hope it can avoid being sidetracked by it's apparent link to Cultimate, though

aaronbrooksesheadband said...

Skip = Cultimate.