Friday, October 10, 2008

Link Friday - Kill mode, HDR photography, and The Big Box

My favourite links this week are:



Marshall said...

Multi-camera HDR presents some problems achieving registration of the images, especially if (as in much action photography) you're using longer lenses where subtle changes in camera placement result in significant changes in the angle of view. Also, given the speed of the action, the cameras would have to be pretty perfectly in sync (a pocket wizard plus camera attachment setup, which would sync them well enough, would be probably $750, but since you've already got three cameras with the same glass for this setup, that's not the big cost).

Probably the easiest way to approach an HDR look in action shooting is to work within the existing dynamic range, but stretch it with multiple conversions from a raw file. It can produce a similar look, and mildly extend detail, even if it isn't "true" HDR.

But that's a lot of technotweedle.