Friday, October 24, 2008

Links Friday - News, Xmas Gift Idea, Thoughts, and UFC 90

My favourite links this week are:

  • Torontula gets written up in the Varsity...and Taylor credits Kirk and I...there are many others, but it's always nice to see your name.
  • A fellow Ultimate friend of mine, Hillary, who I've worked with in the past has made a children's book - Ninja, Bear, Cowboy. It's one of those things that's great for gifts, and it's supporting some art from the Ultimate family. I'm not sure if there's any Ultimate related info in there (though the front page would suggest so), but it is a form of rock, paper, scissor...close enough.
  • If you're not following this blog, Thoughts, then you're missing out one some interesting philosophy of the game. I know I advertised this blog before, but Mackey is posting regularly and there's some interesting ... thoughts.
  • UFC 90 is this weekend...Canadian vs. Brazilian in the Main event...


Taylor said...

Let it be known that, yes, I did drop a bunch of other names for that article but sadly nobody else was mentioned. There was a lot of help this season from many people(and a lot of flack from Steve and Lowell for not getting their names in the article). Also, photo credits go to Michelle Po of the Tula ladies.

Hilary said...

Thanks for mentioning our NCB book Peter!

I know how competitive ultimate players are, so I invite you to try winning five stars in a row...

You'll need to sign up first.

Also we just started a FB Page:

Mackey said...

Hey Jeters (Peter?),

Thanks for the link (again). I'm glad you find it interesting...I've been checking in on your blog periodically for the past...oh, probably two years now.