Wednesday, October 22, 2008

They did it, and in the EPL no less

I'm sure you've laughed at the concept. Each of the regular readers wondering about my credibility as a coach of the game (note, you should still wonder). Well, I've seen an English Premier League team do it, and it makes me feel that we've made some inroads in our Ultimate psychology. Of course, I have a record of wins to prove that the idea has some merit.

Pictured Above: Big Mark taking a free kick from our seats in Craven Cottage (picture from Lexi Marsh).

What I'm talking about, is the little fun games teams I've coached play in big situations to relax, and how much I feel it has influenced some key games.

Low and behold, at half-time in a tight nil nil game between our team Fulham and Sunderland, the Sunderland guys were playing a little game to relax. They were smiling and laughing even though they're playing an away game in, some would argue, the biggest watched league in the world.

That's it...I was happy.