Monday, January 22, 2007

Get in Phase for the Season

I guess it's time to shift a little bit of the focus to off season training. I'm no expert in this field (nor am I in Ultimate), but over the past six years my training partners and I have learned a few things. Today I'll briefly cover the concept of training in phases (Fits in well with Luke's recent post).

I, personally, was introduced to this concept while researching an off season training plan, and I was reading a book called: “Secrets of Soviet sports fitness and training” by Michael Yessis. This is an old book from 1987, but it had some good information (plus the UofToronto Library isn't packed with the latest fitness training books and this seemed like a good option).

Pictured Above: Thong vs Buzz Bullets - some great body positions. Picture, once again, courtesy of James.

In the book, training in phases concept (also called periodization) was introduced. The main idea is that you train throughout a year for your specific sport, but you change the intensity levels and exercises that you focus on.

The Russian's separated a year of training into four phases:
  • General Preparation – 20% Sport, 80% Training. General body strength for about 3 months
  • Specialized – Focus on sport specific training movements. 50% Sport, 50% Training. 1-4 months
  • Competitive – Two components. Stage 1 is early competition where team is coming together and working on sport specific endurance and strength. Stage 2 is competition practice and training to peak.
  • Post Competition – Approximately 30 days where play other sports, relax and casual workouts.
This year our workouts have just moved into Phase 1. We finished Phase 4 through November and December which was a very light period of morning workouts with cardio and nautilus machines.



Anonymous said...

They also adhered to "a strict drug regimen to keep their, uh, [bodies] limber."