Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Logo Battle - Round 10

Hey Folks,

After a nice holidays, it's time to get back into the logo battle.

In round 8 the winners are:

  • Truck Stop with 46% of the vote.
  • Texas with 51% of the vote.
  • Rival with 44% of the vote.
Today round 10 starts, and this is the final round of the stage 1.

Group 1

Boneyard - Durham, NC - Masters

Appalachian State - College

Disciples of Love - Toronto, ON - Mixed

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Group 2

Disco Inferno - College - Women

Western Washington University - College - Open

Umass Zoodisc - College

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Happy New Year,


wartank said...

apologies to those who wanted to see the DoL robot logo...

honeyhands said...

DoL robot is my favourite. At least this way we have an out if we lose.

Anonymous said...

The Canadian teams seem to have better logos in general