Thursday, December 21, 2006

Logo Battle - Round 9

Hey Folks,

First off, a reminder that you should only vote once and not for teams you play on. There's nothing I can really do to monitor this, and in a sport like ours I'm hoping for some spirit of the game. Anyway, round 7 has:
  • Slow White and the Seven Dwarfs taking 40% of the vote in a highly commented grouping
  • Rhino with 71% of the vote in a sweep
  • Riot with 49% of the vote
Round 9 has the following groups. Vote once! Don't vote in a grouping that has a team you play on!

Group 1

Wisconsin - College, Open

Zen Asylum - Toronto, ON - Mixed

Virginia Commonwealth University - Biscuit Villians - Richmond, VA - College, Open

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Group 2
Williams College - Purple Cows - Artist: Young Hahn - College, Women

Wicked - Women
Tufts - Medford, MA - College, Open

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Group 3
Valdosta State - Artist: Brice Zimmerman - College, Open

Wisconsin - College, Women

UCLA - College, Women

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Anonymous said...

I think this is going to be a good round.

Anonymous said...

will henry (sockeye) is responsible for this version of the hodag.

Travis Finucane said...

Group 3 are all crap.

Anonymous said...

group 2:
this page contains a link to their site on the right, but you can see the Colorado State women's team has virtually the same logo as wicked