Monday, December 04, 2006

Ultimate Holiday Wish List

Sure you can go to VC or Gaia for Ultimate gifts, but I wanted to find out what Ultimate players want for the Holidays.

I thought I would poll a few Ultimate players (mainly in Toronto) on what they wanted for the Holidays. This might help you buy a gift for your friend or those parents looking for gift ideas for your Ultimate crazy child, though the most common answer, World Peace, is a tough one.

Here's some answers:

"S/he wants spankin new Speed TDs, and a plane ticket to nationals next year."
Malcolm Johnston

"More single and attractive women in CoEd."

"A bid to Worlds in Vancouver."
Juan Gomez

"A canon 70-200 mm f/2.8L IS USM Zoom Lens ($2,139)"
Shaw Chua ... Ultimate reporter hopeful

"I always like new cleats... a particularly nice Holiday gift would be a pair of Nike's Zoom SuperBad FTs, which are specifically designed for field turf ... Win detergent, which is a detergent specifically designed for getting sweat out of synthetic fabrics like dri-fit."
Tom Walsh

"Ideal Stocking Stuffers: Those heat packets you can put in your mittens and boots (for SnowPlate), Bottle of Baileys or Whiskey (could make a nice "SnowPlate" package),Gatorade powder, Cliff Shots, Sunscreen, Ferry tickets to the Toronto Islands, Epsom salts, Tiger balm
Presents: Golf Discs (for present fun or future retirement), Thai massage, Yoga classes, Head Lamp (the "ultimate" urban disc golf accessory), Round of laser tag with buddies against nemesis league team"
Cynthia Dell

"lots of home cooking, like pumpkin scones and chocolate mousse"
Kate Brown

"and to be 27 (or less) again!"
Dave Sheffield

"I’d like to get Nike speed td cleats (old version)"
Tolya Vasilyev

"3 sets of cleats: ... Nike Vapor Jet TD ... Speed D's ... TD's ... Next, would be a jersey that doesn't smell. Marmot makes a fabric with anti-microbial yarn (strands of silver mixed into the yarn) to kill the stinky stuff. Last would be a book on fitness for ultimate."
Taylor Martin

"...if they make ‘em – I’d give my left nut for waterproof (yet breathable) Gortex cleats!!"
Rahul Sarugaser

"Ultimate players want their toenails back"
Inian Moorthy



Anonymous said...

Haven't I seen this recently? Ah yes.

Jeters said...

Here's the link again:

Didn't catch that article...


Tom said...

While I don't know of a waterproof cleat yet, Nike does make a water-resistant cover for the Speed TDs (it fits a few other cleats, but it's the TDs that people care about).

Tom said...

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