Sunday, December 10, 2006

Warmup House of Pain Style

Sometimes in the middle of a tournament you have to warm up, but the regular warm up just seems like a dreary effort. This emotional warm up spot comes up either after a loss, a tough win, or possibly, just a long day.

I've seen some teams, like Goat, use little games to relax players and get there minds off the game by bringing a little bit of enjoyment. My suggestion is a game that is both a warm up and some fun.

I call it "the jumping game". There are two stages in the jumping game.

  1. Separate the team into 3 or 2 equal groups. In each group throw the disc around (in a circle), the trick being that you need to jump, catch the disc, and throw it to someone else before landing. Each group tries to link up as many of these in air throws and catches. The challenge is to be the group with the highest number of linked up throws.
  2. After so many tries, make one large circle and perform the same in air catch/throw, but the trick here is that as soon as you either make a bad throw or drop the disc you are eliminated from the circle. Decisions of elimination are made by people who have already been eliminated.
This little game is fun and surprisingly active. I would, however, suggest that you start this little game after your first stage warm up. This normally includes some sort of jog and stretch.

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higy said...

I play this quite a bit-call it a rcle.

If you keep the disc on the outside of the circle you get to practice your greatest attempts, although this makes it more difficult.

Kevin said...

We call it the Greatest Drill

jtflynn said...

It's "No-Feetsies" 'round here.

portland, OR

Al said...

This is originally a basketball game we used to play in New York City called "taps". We used to do stuff like fake to one person and throw to another or flip to yourself a few times and then throw it. It is a fun game.