Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Logo Battle - Round 6

Hey Folks,

Into the sixth round of the logo battle. In round 4:
  • Jonhy Bravo scraped out a win in a three way battle with 35% of the vote
  • Goat moves on with 55%
  • Georgia comes from behind to beat the Fatties with 48%
Now to round 6...

Group 1

Queens - Kingston, Ontario - College, Open
Ozone - Atlanta, GA - Women

Rare Air - Boulder, CO - Women

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Group 2
Oregon - College, Open

Ninjastars - Toronto, Ontario - Artist: Hilary Leung - Mixed
NYU Violent Femmes - Artist: Julie Sussman - College, Women

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Group 3

Mephisto - Montreal, Quebec - Open

Jawbone - Cleveland, OH - Open

LCN Soldiers

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Anonymous said...

the wisconsin Hodag needs to be included in this competition

Anonymous said...

It's the NYU Violet Femmes. Not violent!

Anonymous said...

If you're are going to put Mephisto's logo up there the least you could do is put their actual logo up and not the home page from their web-site.

Jeters said...

Sorry for the errors. Unfortunately, as soon as I add the polling html I can't edit the blog.

I would have added the official mephisto logo if someone sent it to me. I was stuck with their logo on score-o-matic.


Anonymous said...

Boneyard. Nationals website. Dig it.