Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Logo Battle - Stage 2 - Round 1

Hey Folks,

So the end of stage 1 has the following winners:

  • Boneyard with 51% of the vote
  • Umass Zoodisc with 40% of the vote
  • Mauvaises Herbs with disqualifications to the two other logos in a clear case of multiple revotes on the scale of 100-150 votes
The seedings were randomly decided for the next round, and I'll release the spread sheet after this stage is complete just to keep some anticipation.

As described earlier, these are head-to-head battles. Vote only once for your favourite logo in each grouping.

Group 1
Boneyard - Masters

Texas - College Open

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Group 2

Georgia - College Open

Fury - Womens

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Wartank said...

for the sake of legitimacy - not trying to be a shit disturber, but is it fair to disqualify a logo for the actions of maybe one unrelated party?

Jeters said...

It is completely fair to disqualify these two teams. The evidence clearly shows that both cities were voting multiple times from the same IP. So, unless, someone in the city was trying to undermine someone else in the city, then there was a clear case of re-voting.

I'm fine with my decision, and based on the number of re-votes by various IPs the race would have been very close.

What I would like is suggestions on how to eliminate this problemin the future.


wartank said...

i guess one way to stop it from happening is to have an extreme response to any infraction.