Thursday, January 04, 2007

Logo Battle - Setup for Stage 2

Hey Folks,

Stage 1 of the logo battle is about to finish, and it's been great so far with discussion and lots of voting.

In round 9:

  • Wisconsin Open wins with 67%
  • Wicked wins with 49%
  • Wisconsin Women wins with 49%
Round 10 will finish on Tuesday next week.

So, for the next stage of the contest I've decided on the format after a few discussions with some people.

The 30 logos moving into stage 2 (3 to add on Tuesday) are:
  1. Sub Zero
  2. BAT
  3. BEAT
  4. Chad Larson Experience
  5. Clapham
  6. Condors
  7. Double Wide
  8. Furious George
  9. Fury
  10. Georgia
  11. Goat
  12. Johny Bravo
  13. LCN Soldiers
  14. Lily
  15. Metal
  16. Monster
  17. Violet Femmes
  18. Queens
  19. Rhino
  20. Riot
  21. Rival
  22. Slow White and the Seven Dwarfs
  23. Texas
  24. Truck Stop
  25. Wisconsin Open
  26. Wisconsin Women
  27. Wicked
  28. Round 10 - Group 1 winner
  29. Round 10 - Group 2 winner
  30. Round 10 - Group 3 winner
We will add 2 wild cards to the mix to make a total of 32 teams. Each poll will be head-to-head competition over 5 stages (32-16-8-4-2). Each Tuesday and Thursday I'll have 2 polls per day.
To pick the pairings I'll use a random number generator (C program running on Linux) seeded with the time of day. The pairings will be done in front of witnesses tomorrow during the Canada vs. Russia Junior Hockey Gold Medal game.

From discussions, I've been convinced that voting for your own team is not that big of a deal. So the rules for the next stage are don't vote more than once in a poll.

Finally, the 2 wild cards will be chosen randomly from the second place finishers.



Anonymous said...

How bout putting all the second place teams in one huge battle royal and let the public decide?

There were a couple terrible 2nd places while there were some very good 3rd places so at least there will be some sense of justice.

Jeters said...

Love the idea, but hard to implement. I don't know how to make a poll that is greater than 6 choices.

I look at the random method as more of a bye with a little competition.

I thought about other methods like: most votes, largest percentage, percentage differential, and my own favourites, but random is just easier.

Maybe next time around.