Friday, September 19, 2008

Link Friday - Game style, found a blog, Sectionals, and your Credit

My favourite links this week:

  • I enjoyed the contrasting debate in one of the latest Process of Illumnation posts. I've thought about this topic myself, and this is a good one to start a good conversation with an ultimate group.
  • [Latest Ultimate Blog] The Jugheadshow - I found this orange blog recently. Recaps attended tournaments mainly on the West coast
  • More sectionals than you can shake a stick at. Though, wait until Tuesday to check the scores. This guarantees you'll be able to see most of the results.
  • This one's not really a favourite link, but I found the link kind of funny. As the banking world collapses and the outcries and debate over capitalism working and not working, the US treasury has released a game to help you learn about handling your credit...I've got a few ideas who should play this game.