Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Rainbow Jerseys - Old Ultimate knew what it was doing

First it was red, and now it's looking like black is the jersey colour for those of us who want to be aggressive teams. Jersey colours and logos are always fun things to talk about. I guess tiedye had it all.

Warning: this post has less of point and flow than usual...

I've heard good and bad things about Goat's and Sub Zero's jerseys this year. In terms of pushing the jersey into the world of fashion, I've been impressed with what Toronto has pumped out, with the aid of VC. I've, also, been impressed with Sub Zero's and Doublewide's artistic jereys. This is one of those things we can diversify ourselves from other sports, and I like the art work and variety that Ultimate is starting to get into.

Pictured Above: Japanese shorts: I wonder what affect blue has.

For those of you who remember a few years ago I ran the logo contest. Well, for those of you hated it, I'm going to do it again. For those of you who loved it, I'm doing it again. For those of you who could care less, I'm doing it again. I learned many good tips from last time, but I'm open to suggestions on how to run it.

Finally, for those of you who are worried about the earth being destroyed Wednesday, I saw a talk yesterday that verifies (to a high probability) that we won't be swallowed up in a black hole.



Simon Talbot said...

I got a red Doublewide jersey in a trade at World Clubs and think it looks great. In Australia, I reckon the Lovers (University of Queensland) has the best looking jerseys I have seen (photo). Plus I loved University of Ballarat's basketball-style jerseys in 2005, but then again every loves their own teams' jersey.

madandy said...

best logo contest is a bad idea. best jersey contest is a good idea.

Lesley said...

Yay UQ! Simon, you either love them or hate them!