Thursday, September 25, 2008

Poll Thursday - Let the Regional guesses begin

Last week we polled over what we're buying relative to Ultimate. Most of my money goes in getting to and playing at tournaments. I, currently, buy jerseys, but not many discs these days.

With many of the sectionals completed, we might as well take some guesses of who you think are going to get out of the regionals and get their tickets to Florida. Unfortunately, the bid information isn't known yet, so I'll leave the number of picks you can make open. We'll start with the teams that are up on the score reporter. Mid-Atlantic Mixed, Mid-Atlantic Women's, Northwest Open, Northwest Women's, South Masters, South Mixed, Northwest Masters, Northwest Mixed, and Southwest Masters (polls right).



Joe's Brother said...

It's probably worth adding Golden Spike to the NW Mixed poll. They did, after all, beat Flycoons to win their section.