Friday, September 05, 2008

Link Friday - Madcows, tourney preview, Mule motivation, and Wordle

My favourite links this week are:

  • Madcow Ultimate has a new website. In the past, I've battled with these guys to friendly and unfriendly ends. Regardless, they have a sharp website, and are looking good to make another run for Florida. By the way, I found out about their new website since I got a hit from their website. This is how I find most Ultimate related websites in my blogroll unless you contact me (jamieson dot peter at gmail dot figure it out).
  • The huddle is moving into the tournament previewing of blogs. With their contacts they get a good perspective on teams and strategy that is interesting, but it's missing the controversy of opinion and bold statements that I like to see in previews.
  • Here's a useful article discussing the stick and carrot (or motivation and inspiration) to getting things done. Think about using these techniques for your next workout.
  • Wordle is a web application. I ran it for the front page of my blog, and got the following picture:


Edelman said...

Hopefully future contests will be battles to friendlier ends. Thanks for the link and the site kudos!