Thursday, May 31, 2007

BEAT Releases - Gender Blender 2.0

For Gender Blender this weekend we (myself and Norm Farb) made a Ultimate related video game. Not actually an Ultimate video game, but a homage to the weekend, Ultimate, and Pac Man.

  • Check out our game bid here


Warren said...

i fucking hate norman so much!!

also, level 3 is really hard.

shawn said...

I should be WAY faster.

Warren said...

i just want to know why you bastards would make an unbeatable game. i hate you from the depths of my hate-filled heart.

Rahil said...

It's because you never really win blender, you survive it.

honeyhands said...

the game's not really unbeatable. You just need sticky fingers, as though your hands were covered in some saccharine substance. seriously, go put some honey on your hands and try again until you win. then you will be a jedi, young grasshopper.