Friday, May 11, 2007

More Settling - UPA College Regionals

So Open College regionals are finished and the championship are less than three weeks away. Here's a quick summary of the teams and the regions they're coming out of.

South Region
Texas (1)
Kansas (2)
Atlantic Coast Region
Florida (1)
North Carolina (2)
Georgia (3)
New England Region
Brown (1)
Williams (2)
Metro East Region
Delaware (1)
Pittsburgh (2)
Great Lakes Region
Indiana (1)
Ohio State (2)
Central Region
Wisconsin (1)
CUT (2)
Northwest Region
Stanford (1)
Oregon (2)
Southwest Region
Colorado (1)

The general banter and season records make it look like Florida and Wisconsin are going to be battling at the top again with Stanford, North Carolina, and Georgia nipping at their heels. As much as I would love to analyze what will happen the reality is we're still at a point where there is little reporting on Ultimate events.

We're still missing a reporter for every game.