Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Touring Spirit is Fine - one more touch

Depending where you play spirit means different things. I remember my early days in Ultimate making up songs for the other team. Now we get the "hip hip hoorays" in games or a meet up for beer in the same bar where both teams sit at separate tables. In coed tournaments, I've noticed that the spirit game has become quiet popular, and is probably one of my favourite post game spirit rituals.

Spirit of the game - well it's really good sportsmanship that has to be kept at a high level since our game is self-officiated. It doesn't involve any after game rituals, but these rituals tend to give conflicts during the game a friendly resolution. The best games are those that are competitive and intense with minimal cheating, and to me that's a spirited game.

Pictured Above: A nice grab at a UE scrimmage this past weekend (photo courtesy of Jaleel taken by Marc Hodges).

The post game spirit s a little different in Open - college or club. The game ends with both lines shaking hands like the end of a hockey series (Go Sens). That's about it. I'm fine with this, but I'm proposing one additional end-game tradition that I think will add to the experience.

After the game ends, I think it is both interesting and fun to meet one individual on the opposing team. Find out their name and a little bit more about the city they come from (if you're touring). In other words, the game is over maybe make a new Ultimate acquaintance. Then make an effort to remember their name (write it down if you have to). Next tournament that you see that person acknowledge them and have a brief conversation.

That means six new faces per tournament from cities and towns around your geographic area. It will strengthen the Ultimate community and will broaden your Ultimate perspective. You might even learn something or end up in that town down the road.