Thursday, May 03, 2007

Poll Thursday - Back to the fun

Hey Folks,

So, my blog was syndicated on Ultimate Talk for a while, but recently, I've been pulled. It mostly comes down to that I post too much. There's probably another reason that some of my posts are off topic or too radical (at least that's what the rebel inside me hopes). I prefer the current situation being off syndication. I'm not getting lots of spam, and most of the people who are more interested in what I write are still coming.

I get lots of suggestions on the blog. Some negative, some critical, and some positive. Last week I left out "Poll Thursday" because I had a few comments that it weakened the content of my blog. I tried to put the polls on the sidebar, but the participation was disappointing, so Poll Thursday is back in full force and I'm excited.

I've come to the realization that the only people that matter in this endeavor is my regular readers (about 500 of you - 35% of readers from the Toronto Area, 50% from the U.S.) and me. For my sake I really enjoy your feedback, participation, and votes because it makes it feel like I'm not just typing off into the internet.

Why I write it? There are four reasons:

  1. I like to pass on information and help people (altruism)
  2. I like when people appreciate the blog and being famous - sex, drugs, and blogging ;)
  3. I need to practice writing (see sentence above)
  4. I learn more about the game from thinking and writing about it
Now back to our regularly scheduled Poll Thursday

Last week the poll was about coaching and what is the most challenging thing to coach. I'm surprised to see that 33% of you think the dump is the toughest to teach. It's my favourite thing to teach and drill.

This week's poll is one of those touchy but fun subjects - what's better: gendered or mixed. This is one of those votes that is like picking your computer religion - some like Mac and some like PCs. Don't take the results too seriously.

What is your favourite division?

Create polls and vote for free.

Next, what is the best division to improve in (even if you don't like it)?

Create polls and vote for free.



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