Thursday, May 10, 2007

Poll Thursday - How much Ultimate

Last week we had a fun vote on selecting our favourite division which was gendered by 64% and the best division to develop in which was gendered again by 84%. Interesting how some people find the gendered division better to develop in, but prefer the mixed division. There are many explanations for that and I can think of a few off hand.

This week the topic is how many days a week do you play Ultimate. If you tour and attend more than 5 tournaments you can include both Saturday and Sunday as days of Ultimate. For example, five years ago I use to play Monday league, Tuesday practice, Wednesday league, Thursday practice and Tournaments which totals 6 days. I'm not as crazy as I was back then and I eliminated league.

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In general, the newer you are to the sport the more days you need to be playing - if you want to improve quickly. League is particularly valuable as an opportunity to be a leader and go-to player on the team. The more game situation touches the better.



march said...

are you limited to 4 options? I play 5 during the season, 1 league, 2 practices and tournaments, but 5 isn't an option on your poll

Jeters said...

Put your mouse over the two little arrows on the bottom right.