Thursday, June 28, 2007

Poll Thursday - Bed Head meets Ultimate

Last week I asked about your most and least favourite aspect of a tournament. In the most column, your favourite activity is Saturday games with 43% and Saturday post games and Sunday games coming in at 24% and 20% respectively. Your least favourite part of a tournament is the drive back with 68% and in second is the drive to the tournament with 18% voters.

Pictured Above: Another nice photo by Marc Hodges between Goat and Truck Stop in the Boston Invitational final.

This week is a quick little poll on whether your team is a morning team or not. It's one of those things you hear quite frequently - "we came out flat in the morning". For those of you who have morning teams, what is the secret?



higy said...

Mandatory team breakfast. We have started doing this (yes it means getting up earlier).

Taylor said...

I thought the morning pre-game scrimmage was really helpful this weekend. Basically, nothing gets my head in the game quite like marking up against kirk.

goomen said...

I recently discovered that getting pulled over by the police on the way to the fields helps. Though, that's more of an individual thing.