Thursday, June 21, 2007

Poll Thursday - Best part about a tournament

Last week we polled about ultimate apparel companies. VC won the for fun poll with 41%, and our team just got those grasshopper shorts and I love mine. I also introduced you guys to a company called Five Ultimate and learned about IO Ultimate, which I couldn't find on the internet.

Pictured Above: A Feisty handler trying to get off a throw. I wonder if the ballet foot block works out (photo courtesy of Jaleel)

This week I'm interested in what is your favourite and least favourite part of a tournament. The choices for the poll are:
  • The drive
  • Friday night hangout
  • Saturday games
  • Saturday after games
  • Saturday night events
  • Sunday games
  • Return Drive

Least Favourite:

Pictured Above: Kieran Bol of Roy making a nice grab with the defender right on him (photo courtesy of Jaleel).