Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tournament 5 - Lesson 2 - Was it the D's fault

After our loss at No Surf on Sunday morning we began the analysis of the loss. It was clear that the opponent was getting hucks off and break hucks that resulted in a large portion of their points. We made comments such as:

  • We should have had better marks
  • We should have been tighter on our D
  • Our zone couldn't stop their huck game since they broke us fast
  • They played our straight up marks with a nice under game
Pictured Above: Our stats sheet from the game minus players names. Notice the red boxes. These show when the opponent scored and we threw it away or dropped it. Ouch.

All these points are valid and they're things that we, as a team, need to work on. Then I started to look at the stats sheet and looked at each point and thought about the game at each point. We got Ds and turns when we were down by one and two points and our O was broken two times in the second half with no return breaks.

So we had chances to break and our O got broken. Clearly, our D adjustments were a factor, but even though it seemed like they were getting easy scores our O was arguably more responsible for the loss.

They were playing us with a poach D that was allowing in cuts. We just made two errors that they took advantage of at key points and we made 6 or 7 errors on O when we had chances to break them and have a dominating lead.

It is pretty clear that we lost due to our inconsistency on offense. Our defense could be better, but our offense needs to be improved. Stats don't lie like our observation and game emotion did.



Séamus said...

would purely statistical analysis of a game not always say that the offense is responsible for a loss?

(with the possible exception of a 1 point loss where you start on D).

Working on the assumption that you play strict O and D lines, and the offenses are expected to convert.

Jeters said...

You make a good point. What I was trying to say is that the offense when we got Ds was the major reason we lost.

It is completely true that you can't lose with perfect offense unless the opponent starts with the disc first.


Séamus said...

I see now. just plain offense, as opposed to the offense line.

makes sense i guess.

tim said...

hey pete, tcs here

this was a good post to read after the tournament. playing on D, i felt like we really let the team down. obviously we needed to be better, but this analysis lifted some of the weight and pressure that i know i was feeling. it provides nice insight that i think us young players would have otherwise failed to realize.