Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Eastbay savings and more...

People who run websites can get affiliate status by advertising for products on their website. For example, my blog has google adsense, which has generated $12.55 for my blogs lifetime (of course you only get paid if you hit an increment of $100). For other sites that have traffic and related advertising they can make a hefty second income stream.

So, why is this exciting for the Ultimate community? Well, my lab mate, Ian, and I once came up with a scheme whereby we would become affiliates to many different companies, and then allow people to sign up and buy things through those affiliate links. The catch is, we would share the profit between the buyer and ourselves passing on savings to you the buyer, and making profit for ourselves.

Well, it turns out that someone also had our idea, but they actually acted upon the it. Check out:

I haven't made an account yet, but some of the highlights for ultimate players are:
  • 2.2% back for priceline airline bookings
  • 1%-3% back on hotel bookings
  • 3% back on Eastbay purchases
  • These rebates can be combined with other coupons (and the site includes some of these too)
The other news is that both Canadians and U.S residents can sign up. Now if only VC, Gaia, or UltiVillage would run an affiliate program, then maybe my blog would support my Ultimate career. At least now, I'll get my cleats and books a little cheaper.



Alex Peters said...

There are plenty of these sites. http://www.mrrebates.com gives 6% for eastbay, plus a $10 signup bonus. Of course, 6% is only $6 savings on a pair of Vapor Jets for example, so it's kind of like free shipping, except you can't get paid for 2 months... and until you generate $25 (including the free 10) in rebates.

H2AZ said...

I manage affiliate programs for a living. If anyone has a question about how these programs work, I'd be happy to help/give advice/whatnot. Just shoot me an email. semperfifi [at] gmail [dot] com.