Thursday, January 31, 2008

Poll Thursday - College Rankings

The last poll was two weeks ago, and there the feeling is that RSD is dying (probably because of the spam). I still find this the best place to hear about early tournament results and incidents.

This week uses a post that is found on RSD - NUMP college ranking. As I've mentioned in the past, I find the college Ultimate season is much more lively and exciting, and the rankings seem to add to the enjoyment. So the poll this week is to predict the top 4 open college teams now based on early season ranking. I'll revisit this poll after college championships (poll right).



Thomas Gabriel said...

Sorry for the off topic post but I had two questions about the canuck season. (As a foreigner thinking about staying in north america for a while)

-What months does the season cover?

-Does GOAT run an open tryouts? I hear that Furious run a hat tournament as a form of try-out for their team.

I suppose anyone can pipe up if they have an answer

Rahil said...

Season runs Mid April to mid August. Though GOAT goes to UPA's as well, so they go until end October.

GOAT does hold open tryouts every year.

hope that helps.

Taylor said...

Touring tryouts should be announced on the TUC BBS ( so you can check there.

GordH said...
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